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We are happy to act on behalf of clients who are in dispute with neighbours on the boundaries between the properties. This equally applies to those where the neighbours are disputing the line of the boundary or the situation where the client has the initial problem.



We are happy to act on behalf of landlords or tenants where it is necessary to draft such schedules. We strongly advise new leases have Schedules of Condition attached, including photographs to ensure both parties to the lease know and acknowledge the state of the premises before they are occupied. We are happy to act on behalf of the landlords at the end of the leases serving Schedules of Dilapidations and Wants of Repair, and negotiating with the tenant's surveyors as to the extent of works required by their client, the tenant. Equally we are happy to act on behalf of tenants who seek to migrate schedules served on them by landlord's surveyor to ensure the extent of the work is equitable to the situation.

Boundary Disputes

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Schedue of Condition & Dilapidations

We are happy to carry out Fire Risk Assessment on communal parts for Flats with retail and office premises under it.

Fire Risk Assessment

We are happy to undertake valuations for insurance, on buildings for both residential and commercial properties, using the Guidance of the BCIS guidelines.

Insurance Valuations

We provide different types of property management, click here to see information.

Property Management

Tribunal and Court Appearances

We are familiar in giving expert evidence in matters as diverse as building disputes, leasehold enfranchisement, boundary disputes or landlord and tenant problems often associated with rent reviews, and dilapidations. We also appear on behalf of clients in planning appeals where there is unwritten representation.

Apart from services provided when managing a property, we are happy to act on behalf of either tenants or landlords in the matter of rent reviews

Rent Reviews

We act on behalf of both building owners and contractors in the matter of building disputes, where the contract has hit a problem. Our expertise is bases on the fact that we have been involved in design and project management probably from as little as a few pounds to figures in excess of £1 million. Many such cases are emotional and it is necessary to look any particular case to see the best way forward, which can avoid a court case. We often seek to have a meeting of surveyors to resolve matters, or advise mediation as a route worth considering.

Building Disputes

Government legislation allows for leaseholders with short leases to extend their leases, or in certain situations with others to acquire the freehold of the property. We have for many years been involved in acting on behalf of both freeholders faced with such notices by lessees, or lessees wishing to extend their leases, or acquire freehold interest.

The calculation of the purchase figures between the parties are dictated by a formula, legislation and comparable cases which have already been decided by the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal. We have, and will continue, to act on behalf of landlords and lessees in such matters, where we can assist.

Enfranchisement of long leasehold flats and extending leases

We have acted for many years on behalf of both building owners and adjoining owners where it is necessary for party wall notices to be served. This includes either serving the necessary notices under the Act, preparing and negotiating party wall awards and preparing schedules of condition of adjoin premises and negotiating with the other side of the scope of work required, if acting for the adjoining owner. The 'Act' has specific rules that have to be adhered to, and are generally very beneficial to both the building owners and neighbours. To cross reference, see the Government Website, which deals with such matters:

Party Wall etc Act 1996

Chartered Surveyors

 A. Jestyn Coke- Chartered Surveyor